Offices2Go Coworking and Business Lounge

Don't need a whole room? Just a few workstations? Choose Offices2Go's category 'A' coworking space and keep your costs in order!

Panorama-o2go lounge001 Offices2Go’s coworking service is best for 1-2 person firms who need a modern business environment but also looking for a flexible and cost-efficient solution. You can rent work stations for a day, 2 weeks but also continuously. You can select the best option for you and have a totally tailor made solution.

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10 Day Pass 26 600 Ft+VAT 5 Day Pass 15 750 Ft+VAT Daily Pass 3 500 Ft+VAT
Furniture usage
Internet (WiFi)
Office Manager support
Infrastructural services*
Common area usage
24/7 access 5 000 Ft/month
Megrendelem Megrendelem Megrendelem
*Heating-cooling, cleaning, utilities

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